Local Agent Pro Property App

The Local Agent Pro Property App

Your Property Portfolio in the Palm of Your Customers Hands

The Local Agent Pro Property App has been created to sit alongside your current software. Every time you post a property or a change of details online, your property app is instantly updated. Users don’t have to continually search for new properties as they are instantly added to their property lists.

Users can create a profile based on the property types, sizes, price brackets and area and only these will appear in their property list. They can of course edit their profile from within the app and change their search criteria at any time.

Creating a Favourites List

Users can add any of your properties to their favourites list and because they can view the full details of every property from their phone, it means they always have the information to hand. Favourites can be added or removed with a single click, keeping things clean and simple for all app users.

Getting Connected

Once a user had downloaded the property App, you will be able to send them FREE push notifications. Push notifications can be sent globally to all users, to single users or a specific group of users.

If you want to shout about a new instruction or a price reduction, push notifications are fast, free and effective. Push notifications get a rapid response and also create competitiveness between users. You can of course send emails from the app but push notifications always grab a customers attention.
Property App Push Notifications

Create and send push notifications on the go

Your Property App – Fully Customised

Local Agent Pro is purely the template on which all our apps are built. Every app has the colour scheme you want, fully branded with your logo. On the App store, the app will carry your name and your own unique icon. As far as your customers are aware, it’s your property app, that you developed yourself.

And it doesn’t stop there. Over time you can take your app wherever you want to. You may have additional features you wish to have, a new design or simply a different layout. We can work with you to bring you an app you will always be proud to put your name to.
Property App Icons

The style of your business, represented in your own app

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