Local Agent Pro – London Launch News


In June 2016, after 6 months of field testing we were delighted to be launching our LAP estate agents app in the London area. We’ve added some cool features since creating the product including automated push notification on new instructions, that can be staggered throughout the day.

This means that when ever you upload a new property to your portfolio, it will automatically appear on your app straight away and at the next preset notification time, your customers will receive a push notification, advertising the property.

Not only that but we have also created a “New Property” section in the user app menu, where all new properties will be displayed for either 3,5 or 7 days depending on your requirements.

When users go back into the app, they are automatically taken straight to the new property list, giving them instant access to the details. Once they have viewed the new instructions, one touch on the screen, will send them back to their main list.

They can still store properties to a favourites folder and remember, with Local Agent Pro, customers search preferences are saved until they change them in their profile. LAP users don’t have to search again every time they log in, new properties get added automatically.

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