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The Local Agent Pro Kiosk

Touchscreen technology in every branch

The Local Agent Pro User Kiosk, gives you the chance to set up a touch screen property search facility from within your branch. This could be anything from a simple tablet, to a more elaborate stand up kiosk or even a touch screen table.

As with all aspects of Local Agent Pro, the Local Agent Pro Kiosk can be whatever you imagine because it will run on multiple platforms including IOS, Android and Windows.

In Store Registration

Not only can you use the Kiosk as a property search tool, you can also use it to get customers to pre register for the app. Once they have entered their details, they will receive a unique login ID and an email with links to the IOS and Android app.

The Kiosk gets to work, even when your office is busy. Customers no longer have to wait for a memeber of staff to be free, they can start searching straight away.
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The Kiosk engages with your customers straight away

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