Local Agent Pro App Increases Business For Middlesex Agent

Shaw and Co estate agent app

Hayes based Estate Agent Shaw & Co have reported a “significant” in crease in sales and lettings activity, since introducing their own app. They claim the overall level of activity has produced a higher level of competition, resulting in deals being closed up to 30% quicker than they previously did.

A spokesman for the Middlesex based firm told us:

“It’s been quite incredible. We encourage all of our prospective customers to download our app and watch out for push notifications on new instructions.

“In the past, when we uploaded a new property to the online sites, we would expect to wait 24 to 48 hours before receiving any sort of response. On the App, they are there almost immediately and users can view the property details the same day.

“They also know that others will also be viewing the details, so in the rental market particularly, we can get a sudden rush of people booking to see the property as soon as possible. The App seems to speed the process up for us and our customers”.

The Shaw & Co app is built using our Local Agent Pro app template. It’s designed to integrate with their current uploading software (in this case Desrez), so that when they upload using Dezrez, the app gets updated with no additional work required.

Shaw & Co also believe that having the app has made them a more attractive proposition when talking to potential sellers and landlord.

They told us:

“The landlords particularly like it. They know that we won’t have to go back through our records and start tracking people down when a property becomes available, all app users interested in that type of property, will automatically get a notification.

“From a sellers point of view, they understand the competitive edge an app gives us and it has definitely been a major factor in increasing our number of available properties”.

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