Local Agent Pro Update – Automated Notifications and New Properties

automated notifications

As you know we are always making improvements to our local agent pro estate agent app template, so that your app stays ahead of the competition. We already work in tandem with all of the leading software producers, meaning every time you upload a new property to the various online platforms, your app gets automatically updated.

What we have also added is a facility for you to set up push notifications for the new properties, staggered throughout the day. So rather than one notification going out during the day covering all new properties, this notification is property specific.

So if you are adding 5 new properties in one day, they will push out during 2 hourly intervals, or whatever time frame you want to set up. This means app users get individual notifications on all properties that meet their search criteria.
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Not only that but we have now created a “new property” folder. This means that users don’t have to scroll through the app to search out the new properties, they’re all tucked up inside their new properties tab.

And we’ve even gone two steps further……..

Step one: You can choose how long a property stays in the new property folder. 1,3,5,7 days? It’s entirely up to you. We can pre-configure your app to keep them in the folder for as long as you like and this of course can be changed at any time.

Step 2: When a user logs into the app, they automatically go to the new property tab straight away. This means they don’t even have to hit the new property tab, to view all of your latest properties.

Don’t forget that Local Agent Pro is the template behind the app. Each app we create is named, branded and listed as your own unique and individual app. Using our Local Agent Pro template allows you to have your own Estate Agent App, at a fraction of the cost it would be if you built it from scratch.

For more information about the Local Agent Pro App, please get in touch via the contacts page

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